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Happy hour menu

Happy Hour

Tasting of 3 Sicilian extra virgin olive oils – 6


Tasting of 4 sicilian cheeses -12
Paired with Marsala Superiore Riserva Oro Cantina Intorcia 2014 and Sicilian black bee honey by Carlo Amodeo
Robiola Girgentana: Goat cheese – Pecorino di Castronovo: semi-aged cheese made with sheep and cow’s milk — Canestrato di Luisa Agostino: cow’s milk cheese aged in baskets — Tuma Persa Caseificio Passalacqua: Cheese made with cow’s milk and aged 8 months
Allergens: dairy


Cured meat tasting – 18
Prosciutto from the Nebrodi Mountains aged 24 months stone cellars at 700 masl by Azienda La Paisanella L.Agostino, Ragusa donkey mortadella, spicy hand-cut salami, black pig coppa , black pig lard
Allergens: nuts


Hand cut old potato fries and pumpkin fritter – 5
Allergens: fish – Gluten free


Small arancina’s rice balls (4 pieces) – 6
Allergens: lactose – Gluten free


Fried Cheese and apple confit (5 pieces) – 6
Allergens: milk – Gluten free


Butter bruschetta, lemon and anchovies from Aspra (2 pieces) – 5
Allergens: gluten, lactose, fish

Legenda dei simboli: Vegetariano , Vegano , Slow Food


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm