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Restaurant menu

Tasting menu

50 € per person – 5 chef’s courses


Fried Cheese and apple confit (5 pieces) – 6
Allergens: milk – Gluten free


Crispy Broccoli from Costanza’s vegetable garden, raisins and pine nuts sauce – 12
Allergens: nuts, lactose, sulphites – Gluten free


Fried artichoke, Leonforte broad bean cream – 13
Allergens: gluten, mustard, sesame, lupins, soy


White fish ceviche*, red beans, capers leaves from Salina and almond milk – 16
Allergens: fish, sulphites, nuts


Octpus, Jerusalem artichoke, fennel grown in Costanza’s vegetable garden and oranges – 16
Allergens: shellfish, sulphites, – Gluten free


Cardoncello mushroom from Madonie, red shrimp and turnip tops – 16
Allergens: crustaceans, sulphites – Gluten free


Carpaccio of Cinisara cow, marinated broccoli with vinegar and oil, spring onion and baby squid – 16
Allergens: shellfish, sulphites


Fresh spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, wild fennel, pine nuts and saffron – 18
Allergens: gluten, nuts, shellfish, celery, sulphites


Fresh pasta with mussels, roasted date tomatoes, sweetbreads, frigitello chili and pink grapefruit, chili – 16
Allergens: gluten, shellfish, celery, sulphites


Fresh spaghetti with rock fish, capers from Salina , tuna bottarga – 20
Allergens: gluten, fish, sulphites, celery


Fresh paccheri with pork ragut, pecorino cheese from Cinisi, chicory from Costanza’s vegetables garden – 16
Allergens: gluten, lactose, celery, sulphites


Sicilian broad bean soup, mortadella broth, mascarpone cheese with sage – 15
Allergens: gluten, nuts, lactose


The farmers of the Platani Valley – 16
Fresh spaghetti with spontaneus herbs, roasted dates tomatoes, cucumber, garlic bread crumbs, garlic and fermented chili
Allergens: gluten

Second Courses

Fish of the day, beccafico sauce and sparacello vegetable from Costanza’s vegetable garden -24
Allergens: fish, gluten, sulphites, nuts


Squid, black lentil cream from Leonforte, roasted spring onions – 18
Allergens: shellfish, lactose, sulphites – Gluten free


Fried fish of the day – 18
Allergens: fish – Gluten free


Fried salted cod, primo sale cheese and sorrel – 18
Allergens: fish, lactose, sulphites – Gluten free


Sliced Sicilian cow rib-eye steak, salted vegetables from Costanza’s vegetable garden, sweet potatoes cream – 22
Allergens: celery, sulphites – Gluten free


Pork belly, pumpkin cream with sourcream, black cabbage from Costanza’s vegetable garden – 16
Allergens: sulphites, celery – Gluten free


Roasted leek, crispy escarole, almond cream from Baucina, anchovies from Aspra and candied citron – 12
Vegan option available without almond and anchovy cream
Allergens: gluten, fish, nuts – Gluten free


Sheep’s milk soup, pan brioche and coffee sorbet – 7
Allergens: milk, egg – Gluten free


Berrettine pears, hazelnuts and lemon sorbet – 8
Allergeni: nuts, sulphites – Gluten free


Almond nougat from Baucina, caper ice cream from Salina and dark chocolate from Modica – 8
Allergens: egg, gluten, nuts, lactose


Salted caramel mousse, orange sorbet, fennel from Costanza’s vegetable garden – 7
Allergens: lactose, nuts – Gluten free


Ricotta cream, pomegranate sorbet, sesame nougat – 7
Allergens: lactose, sesame


Tiramisu with Marsala cookies – 6
Allergens: lactose, gluten, sulphites

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Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm