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Restaurant menu

Tasting menu

60 € per person – 5 chef’s courses


Roasted eggplant tartare, toasted breadcrumbs, black lentils from Enna and cucumber soy yogurt – 10
Allergens: nuts, soy, gluten


Raw fish of the day* with salted lemon cream, marinated radish with vinegar and thyme, ponzu sauce – 30
Allergens: fish, shellfish, sulfites – gluten free


Local fish ceviche with fried almonds from Baucina – 16
Allergens: fish, nuts, gluten


Octopus, crispy long zucchini from Costanza’s  garden, roasted onion and tomato – 14
Allergens: mollusks – gluten free


Cinisara beef carpaccio, seasonal vegetables, smoked herring, sun-dried tomato – 16
Allergens: fish


Spaghettone with mussels, sweetbreads, roasted cherry tomato, frigitello chili pepper, and grapefruit – 16
Allergens: gluten, mollusks, celery, sulfites


Fresh Calamarata with pickled baby octopus* and candied lemon – 16

Allergens: gluten, mollusks, celery, sulfites


Fresh Spaghettone, long zucchini, tenerumi (sicilian vegetables), red Mazara shrimp* and Tortorici hazelnuts – 20

Allergens: gluten, shellfish, nuts, sulfites


Fresh Spaghettone with mixed seafood and mussels – 16

Allergens: gluten, fish, mollusks, celery, sulfites


Spaghettone with fried scapece zucchini, julienne of raw squid, salted ricotta – 18

Allergens: gluten, milk, mollusks


Busiate with smoked eggplant cream, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, basil oil reduction, breadcrumbs – 14 

Allergens: gluten


Busiate with Sicilian pork cheek, Costanza garden zucchini flowers, Genoese zucchini – 16

Allergens: gluten

Second Courses

Catch fish of the day, Baucina almond sauce, peppers grown in the Costanza gardens, seasonal vegetables – 24
Allergens: fish, nuts, sulfites – gluten free


Cod with grilled seasonal vegetables, sweet potato puree, candied lemon and black olive reduction -18
Allergens: fish


Grilled squid, anchovy sauce and onion – 18
Allergens: mollusks, gluten


Local fried fish – 18
Fried catch of the day
Allergens: fish, mollusks – gluten free


Seared tuna and gazpacho – 22
Allergens: fish, sulfites – gluten free


Sliced meat with rosemary new potatoes, Costanza garden vegetables – 22
Allergens: celery, sulphites


Double-cooked capocollo, grilled green beans, Trapanese sauce, celery, and Castelvetrano olives – 18
Allergens: nuts, sulfites, celery – gluten free


Roasted aubergine from costanza’s garden, oxhearth tomatoes, roasted carrots cream and peanuts sauce – 14
Allergens: dried fruits


Local grilled mackerel, Costanza garden cherry tomato, mixed greens, crispy long zucchini, roasted tomato, basil – 14
Allergens: fish


Ragusana buffalo cheese from Bubalus az., sweet and sour red onion, Salina cucunci from R.Rossello Az., yellow and red cherry tomatoes from the Costanza’s gardens – 12
Allergens: milk


Garden green salad – 6


Hazelnut, passion fruit semifreddo and blancmange foam – 7
Allergens: nuts, milk – gluten free


Roasted peach, its jam and thyme garden shortcrust pastry – 7
Allergens: gluten free


Almond nougat from Baucina, Salina caper ice cream and Modica dark chocolate -8
Allergens: egg, gluten, nuts, lactose


Tiramisu with Marsala biscuit – 6
Allergens: lactose, gluten, sulfites


Creamy salted caramel. Fried nuts, lemon meringue and green lemon sorbet – 7
Allergens: lactose, nuts, eggs – gluten free


Mango sorbet, ricotta cream and sesame nougat – 7
Allergens: milk, nuts – gluten free

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